Updated July 2014

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NAMM 2014 - Incredible! - Blog 1
Best NAMM yet - We celebrated our Second Anniversary and have great coverage of the show coming now and will continue to post interviews and pics daily so come back often for new and informative content.
Soul Survivor - Blog 1
If CDs and Vinyl disappear from every store on Earth except one, please let it be Amoeba Music!
MUsic in Mid America
Historic Columns at MIZZOU

There is an abundance of music everywhere - you just gotta keep your eyes open as I discovered when visiting Columbia, MO.

Blog 2
LUCKY 13 - A Year in Music
Blog 2A
2013 was a crazy good year for experiencing all kinds a music.   Join me on a summary journey illustrating how lucky I was this year. 
The KIDS are ALRIGHT  - Blog 3
Whether it's on stage, YouTube or recordings - some amazing talent is emerging via kids barely old enough to make it to grade school...musically, for their age they get an A!

They're so good it foreshadows a bright future for music we are soon to enjoy!

Right:  Little Rock Star (Xavier Fudge) prepares to play a Holiday Show with MUSHROOMHEAD
Remember the Lexus commercial where the car played the drums?   Ever wonder who set up the drums?    It took a professional drum tech.    Not only did the drums have to be placed with laser precision, literally (they used a laser to position them)  but all individual drum types had to be tuned the same and the stick positions had to be adjusted to get the proper accents.   30 seconds of commercial - 4 days of work.   You don't see a lot of the work done by drum techs but you enjoy it on recordings and in concert.   Take a look inside their world - you'll never look at music the same way again. 
Joe Travers

    Had a pretty unique visit with Joe Travers of Zappa Plays Zappa.   We checked out Chuck Berry's statue, visited a local record store and interviewed Joe before the concert.

The Teaching Legacy of Kenny Aronoff
Ryan Brown, Mike Dupke, me
   Kenny Aronoff's Drumming Career has been well documented. What's vastly unknown is how he learned from Vic Firth, applied those classical lessons to rock drumming, then taught a renegade group of IU students now in their own successful careers. 
   When you see all the work, emotion and character that goes into Kenny's beats you'll understand why they are so damn good!  If you want to pursue excellence this is a blueprint.  It is admittedly a love letter to Kenny from myself and his students and the longest thank you note ever written.