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Jimmy Chamberlin  (Smashing Pumpkin's fame) has an eclectic yet precise playing style.   It was formulated in his pre-Pumpkin days playing Jazz and Fusion in Chicago.  His Jazz / Fusion trio - The Jimmy Chamberlin Complex - is everything I hoped it would be:  intense - improvisational - tight - dynamic.   
Although it has been quite sometime since the group formed in the early 2000s and years since they have performed, it seemed as though this has been an ongoing project, quite remarkably on the first show of this tour at the intimate Sand Dollar in Downtown Las Vegas.
Featuring vocals on only a couple songs, Chamberlin had a lot of room to stretch and showcase his incredible musicianship - handling jazz - fusion - rock with aplomb.  Drumming fans were captivated and inspired, Jazz / Fusion fans got a powerful display of chops and Music fans witnessed great communication and musicianship between all three players.
They are currently on tour on the West Coast thru March 18th and you can get reasonably priced tickets for this great live show.
Jimmy Chamberlin's Eclectic kit as teched by Vic Salazar on Jimmy Chamberlin Complex Tour March 2024
Below is my last interview with Chad Sexton of 311 in 2017
Incredible Art Show by multi-talented Drummer, Drum Designer and Painter John Douglas at ANIMAZING GALLERY - The Venetian in Las Vegas - December 2022.  Forgive the background noise - it was really popular!
DRUMline interviews Brody Kutch at Helios Studios after he played with 
The Scorpions in April 2022
Awesome BRO SYNC Tribute to Neil Peart on the Anniversary of his passing by Shaun Foist and Harley DeWinter - A Sad day with a lot of Hope for the Future
Adam Riviere applies some traditional drum rudiments to the Darbuka
Check out the kit Nate Morton uses on The VOICE...
WHOLE LOTTA NAMM COMING!  Click the NAMM 2018 heading for more.        Below we catch Eric Singer of KISS in the PEARL ROOM.
311 UNITY TOUR SUMMER 2017 - 311.com for info
311 is on their UNITY Tour once again this summer but this time they are supporting their stellar new release MOSAIC.  Sure to satisfy the hard core fans as well as gain some new ones, this CD has plenty of identifiable 311 traits with a lot of new sounds and some surprise twists.  For one, SA Martinez and Nick Hexum switch roles, with Martinez singing lead and Hexum rapping in places.
This is the second CD mixed by Drummer Chad Sexton and some very intricate textures ride low in the mix with the traditional energy of 311 surfing to an from their Reggae laden beach of relaxation or mayhem.  The band once again has mastered the art of anticipation and payoff with their amazing hooks, riffs and melodies.   
Arguably their best record, 27 years of playing together mixed with a symbiotic love affair with their fan base, MOSAIC pays tribute to an accomplished career.   It also acts as a launching pad for a second wave of an amazing career.   Experience, persistence and a deep well of creativity make 311 seem like they are just starting on an epic musical journey - truly exciting for their fans and future members of the HIVE.

Click MOSAIC cover to right to visit 311.com
Anthony Tiny Biuso attends the 818 DRUMMERS LUNCH at StoneFire Grill is n West Hills, CA and answers the age old question - 'How many drummers does it take to order a BBQ Chicken Salad?'  More cool interviews at 'INTERVIEWS' page link above.